How To Network for Friends

Do you think of networking as being business-related? Let’s just break that down a little… When most people think of networking, they think of it in the business sense: Networking to find a job, or a contact within a specific … Continue reading

Is ‘Networking’ A Dirty Word?

Are you one of those people for whom ‘Networking‘ feels like a dirty word? What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘networking’? That it’s purely business related, that it’s something sleazy or something that other people do … Continue reading

SOCIAL Media: It’s More Than Just Sharing

“Just talking to people is networking – getting out and socializing, meeting new people and expanding your social groups is networking.” The Three Secrets to Great Networking Those simple words were a powerful navigator for me. I had read so … Continue reading

What Exactly is ‘Networking’?

No need to curl your top lip like that… It’s actually pretty simple. Networking is pretty much just talking to people. Interactions, if you like. In fact, any kind of interaction at all is Networking. Nothing more than that. … … Continue reading