Christmas – A Great Excuse To Network!!

Sometimes we just need an excuse to network.

Because popping up out of the blue isn’t always appropriate.

So, what better excuse than Christmas?

Note: At the end of this article I’m going to be asking you a huge favor. Huge, because it is huge, but it’s not difficult, far from it in fact. Huge because it’s huge to me, but really quite easy for you. It will take you very little time too and it’s a bit of networking. Please just consider it. I’d really appreciate that.

Why not take a little more time this holiday season to say a little more than “Happy XMas” or “Happy Holidays” or whatever your own personal choice of greeting.

Add an Extra Note

If you’re going to be sending Christmas cards anyway, include a brief note to each person you’re sending a card to. Come on! You’re sending it anyway, how much extra effort does it take to say a little more, add a private joke, enquire about something, pass on well wishes to their family – something to show that you care about the relationship more than is conveyed with the usual standard greeting.

Christmas – The perfect excuse for a bit of Networking.

You Could Even Send A Picture…

Something we do in our family: for some close friends and relatives who we don’t see very often we include a picture with our Christmas card so they can see our ugly mugs, our pets and our rapidly growing children. It’s like saying hello in a slightly more personal way if they can see a picture. Each year we try and make a christmassy picture of us to send with these cards.

The Perfect Excuse

So there you have it – it’s not all I want to say with this article because I have that favor to ask you (see below) but it’s the main point of the article. What better excuse for a bit of networking. What better reminder? What better opportunity to write a little more and engage with a few people because you were saying Happy Christmas to them anyway. It’s a time of year to put your differences aside, to look after your friends and family, to get in touch with people you haven’t been in touch with … well, since last Christmas, to be thankful for these relationships and for everything you have.

Thanks To My Online Friends

On that last note, I want to say thanks to all of my online friends.

These are people I have met over the last 2-3 years whilst exploring this crazy thing we call the internet. I started off just wondering if I could learn how to build a website (the first incarnation of Life’s Too Good, built using Google Sites but now migrated to WordPress) but have gotten involved in all kinds of interesting stuff since and made some great friends in the process.

Whilst I want to say thanks to ALL of my online friends, they won’t ALL read this, so thanks to you if you are, otherwise that thanks will just be floating around in the ether and though you may not be conscious of it, it’s there anyway my friend.

Some online friends in particular I want to thank are (put in alphabetical order so no preferential treatment here ;-)):

Allie from Ramblings of a WAHM

Ana from Traffic Generation Cafe

Annie from

Alison from Paleo Non Paleo

Dov from

Gary from The Small Business Playbook

Jeevan Jacob John from (soon to be released) Daring Blogger

Jennifer from Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy

Kaarina from

Marcus from The Sales Lion

Razwana from Your Work Is Your Life

Steve from Do Something Cool

Tal from Below Zero To Hero

I wanted to provide a little note about each of these people to tell you more about them and why they were in this little shortlist – but then I found what I was writing was getting repetitive. I could of course pick out unique things to say about each of them, but the reason I value these people in particular is the same reason for each, and a very important one when it comes to networking and relationships.

What do the above people have in common?

They are genuine people who care about long term relationships.

P.S. Thanks to all of my offline friends too 😉

That Small Favor

OK, so the small favor is really simple.

It’s basically a random bit of networking but it would also mean a lot to me because the people above mean a lot to me.

The favor is this: pick any one of the above sites, hop over there (click the link), check out their latest content and leave a brief comment.

That’s it. Told you it was easy.

Say ‘Hi’ to the author, tell them Alan sent you and you never know, they may invite you in, ask you to take off your shoes and make you an eggnog.

Have a Great XMas and very best wishes for 2014!


Christmas – A Great Excuse To Network!! — 5 Comments

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  2. Hello, Alan.

    Thanks so much for including little ol’ me in your fabulous list. 😉

    One thing that I do love about Christmas (I have a love/hate relationship with it, too) is the opportunity to touch base with family, friends, and business contacts. One major way that I do that is through holiday cards, as well as my usual online communications.

    I’ll gladly do your request.

    Best wishes to you and yours for the holiday season!


  3. Thanks Jennifer,

    of course you would be on the list – from your recent help here to comments on Life’s Too Good way back when I was getting started, awarding me the Versatile Blogger thingy, and generally being a very supportive person both to me and to others I class as close online friends (e.g. Allie) – you’re certainly someone I’m glad to have met and would not hesitate to recommend to others.

    Have a great XMas & best wishes for 2014 – I reckon it should be an interesting year in the online world…

  4. Thanks so much Alan, and a very Merry Christmas to you! We’ve been without power – no heat, light or water for days now, and miracle of miracles, the power just came on, Christmas eve. I’ve not forgotten about creating a GP for you, and will do so in the new year. In the meantime: thanks, my friend, for including me here. I’ll be back to check out each and every site that I’ve not yet visited. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, profitable new year. Cheers! Kaarina

    • That’s awesome – that the power came back on Christmas Eve I mean (not that you were without power). I hope it’s stayed on since!

      Best wishes to you for 2014 too Kaarina & whenever you’re ready for the GP – looking forward to it!


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